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Richard Quest the CNN Business Travel  interviews Linda about her spray The Vibe Spray TM for Room Energy Clearing and how she is able to help with taking the stress out of travel.

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Linda Lauren's The Vibe Spray is the perfect way to de-stress and clear away the negative energy ($10). Linda Lauren is a fourth-generation psychic medium who connects with people who come to her for guidance through the color and energy she senses around them.

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Linda Lauren Vibe Energy Clearing Spray, $8,

Nerdy kids may grow up to be successful adults, but they get a lot of grief on the way to getting there. This vibe energy spray may be a stocking stuffer they’ll uniquely appreciate. It uses a combination of essential oils, herbs, and family recipes to clear spaces of negativity and create a more positive, uplifting environment.

Celebrity Lifestyle Expert, Dorothy Cascerceri, talks with Samantha Summers of the Fox 4 Morning Blend show, Ft Myers, FL.


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I’m so glad I can ditch the stress of the city and replace it with something more soothing for my mind and home! I love Linda Lauren’s The Vibe ™ Room Energy Clearing Spray because when it comes to setting the right mood at home, first I need to get rid of the bad energy I may have brought in with me. It’s a full impact world I’m exposed to daily, this helps calm the room. Even Jeff loves it!

The Vibe ™ Room Energy Clearing Spray is the result of years of experimentation to find the right combination of essential oils, herbs and family recipes to use as a means to clear negative energy from a space.


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The Vibe Room Energy Clearing Spray from Linda Lauren

Clear the energy in your hotel room with The Vibe from 4th generation psychic medium, Linda Lauren.

Hotel rooms can feel sketchy -- who knows what's happened in there before you? -- so 4th generation psychic medium, Linda Lauren, developed The Vibe to clear the energy of any room. Using a family recipe, she combined natural essential oil and herbs with Reiki healing for a spray that will even get rid of spirits and ghosts.

Price: $9.99