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Travel Tips for the Spirit

Whether you are planning a trip this summer by plane, train or automobile, there are certain considerations to make before embarking on you journey.

Days of the week: I am a fan of proposing travel itineraries to start out on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. I choose those days for travel because you are avoiding the weekender people. Chances are that those who travel toward or on the weekend will experience the collective stress of the other travelers. Vacations and trips should be free from stress!

Preparation of your mindset: Just ten minutes of meditation will help you experience more unity and calm when making your plan. It is a form of mental listing and can give your energy a boost of the positive because you will feel more balanced. Afterward, make an actual written list and prioritize it. Make sure the list is short, as a list of over 10 will only increase your stress to get them all accomplished.

Don’t be disconnected: Have your music, laptop, tablet or phone up to date with what you will want to enjoy while traveling. Keeping yourself connected to your home base this way will make for a more pleasant experience.

Finally, don’t engage with negative people or situations. Distancing yourself from negativity is vitally important to embracing a spirit that is uplifting and a journey that is ultimately enjoyable. Happy Trails and God Bless!

Published in on July 13, 2022

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