Crystal Vogel Pendulum – Linda Lauren

Crystal Vogel Pendulum

Linda Lauren

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Crystal Vogel Pendulum
This beautiful crystal is carved to create a strong connection. The clear quartz is lovely to at and feels really good to hold.

Pendulums have been around for a long time. I often use them as a means to tap into my higher self when I need to uncover a “yes” or “no” decision that I needs help revealing to me. It’s fast and efficient and instills a feeling of confidence. Sometimes you might even connect with communication from a spirit. Anything is possible with a pendulum.

Size 1 ½” on chain.


Hold the cord at whatever point feels most comfortable.

For a lighter pendulum, hold at shorter point; for a heavier one, hold at longer point. You can hold the cord between thumb and index fingers. Determine what Is Yes and No for you.


Ask, "What is 'Yes' for me?”

(Then, do it for 'no'.) For some people, yes is a back and forth movement, towards and away from body. For others, it's a circle, usually clockwise. ‘No’ is usually a left to right swing, or a counterclockwise circle.

Some people get absolutely no response when they first try to determine their personal Yes and No movements. There are several ways to overcome this: You can start the pendulum swinging in a ready position so that it is easier for it to respond to your request. A common ready position is to swing it diagonally, from close to your left front side towards away from your right front side. You can have a heart to heart talk with your pendulum (actually your are talking with your higher self). You simply tell it that it is very important that you communicate with your Guides and that you intend to use your pendulum to do it. Intent in is very important and must be clearly felt and perhaps even stated. Then try again asking for the yes and no responses.