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As a 4th generation psychic medium for over 50 years, I have been involved in my share of paranormal investigations. I know how I feel when I enter a room, building, street.  I sense energy and that can carry both positive and negative vibrations. A place doesn’t have to be haunted to be negative, and we all sense energy to a certain degree.

*Are you feeling generally anxious or depressed?

*Have you ever felt unsettled when walking into a store or facility?

*Have you stayed in a hotel room and felt uncomfortable or sad?

*Maybe there was a shakeup in your office or home that left you drained?  

*Are there spirits/ghosts with or without your knowledge that you want to shake?


The first place I looked for answers was an oblong chest that my mom left me after she died. I came across some of her loose-leaf binders, filled with hand-written recipes, protected in plastic see-through sleeves.  Some were hers, but many were recipes passed down over the years from family before her. Delectable Italian dishes and pastries filled each page.  I flipped through the book and found a paper folded inside one of the plastic sleeves of the binder.  I unfolded it and recognized my mother’s beautiful, cursive handwriting:


A Positive Recipe - Make something to spray so we can clear the heavy, negative feelings around, and replace that vibe with positive energy! Everyone will be happy. Even the ghosts!”

Frances Gialanella


I smiled because my mom had a great sense of humor and used the word “vibe” often. At first glance, I thought it was a note she wrote to herself, but, as a medium, I soon realized it was a message to me from the other side. I decided to update it and work to collaborate the methods with the formula. It was a decade long project using the blueprint from her recipe and feeling her hand, and those of my ancestors, guiding me along.


The Vibe Spray is a safe and more effective alternative to burning herbs, and a cleaner alternative to diffusers that may contain manufactured scents designed for cover-up. Though the formula is proprietary, I can certainly share that it is made with, love, sea salt and true essential oils all wrapped in a lovely top-note of Rose essential oil.


*For environmental use only. Please test in a small area prior to use.


*Retail Pricing: 2oz./$9.99 and 8oz./$19.99




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