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A Birthday Spirit Message

Sometimes we are the light for others and we don’t even realize it.

April 16th was my birthday.  After a celebratory dinner with friends, we came back to my house to have dessert and pick some spiritual cards, as is our way as a team of four very close BFFs.

Once the dessert was over, I took out my laptop to channel a birthday message from my spirit guide, Major.  *As a side note, anyone who has read my memoir, Medium Rare, will recall the importance of my meeting Major and his place in my life.  I usually communicate with him for each of our birthdays.

We were sitting at the kitchen table and my fingers were easily flowing across the keyboard in silent communication with Major when we heard a “ping” from my notifications settings that a text came in. My fingers came to a stopping point and we all leaned forward as I dropped down the menu to read the text.  It was from a friend of mine in the music industry, Yaya Martinez.  Her father had passed away not long ago and we previously had discussions on how to recognize signs from him.  Aside from the occasional hello, our communication was sporadic due to different timezones.

But here she was, popping up on my birthday, texting me at the exact moment as my spirit communication with Major.  I read it aloud and it reduced me to tears. Thank you Yaya, for being a divine messenger for the other side.


This morning, this bird was on a step handrail and was trying to get into the house- I said “hey birdie good morning” and it stayed in a tree nearby.

I JUST got home and put the car in park, I heard a light tapping on my window and look over to see the same bird, trying to say hi. This time I recorded it and said “hi dad. It’s okay.” And it’s now gone. 🥹

Every time I think I might be getting a message, I don’t overthink it, because of how loving you have been to me and all of your friends. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, surrounded by loved ones. Happy birthday Linda!

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