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Communication From The Other Side

Last week, I was lying in bed and my mind wandered to my dear friend and yoga teacher, Mariana. She died in November 2021, around Thanksgiving time. Her value in my life cannot be measured as she was truly a special force for me and we shared much of life’s challenges and events over the last thirty years. To me, friends are a blessing and Mariana was a big one for me and I miss her.

I said my prayers for the night and, in the dark, with little Karma tucked close beside me, I began to talk to her. I said: “Mariana, I love you and I miss you so much.”

I had been looking at her page on Facebook, and before shutting down for the night, I saw that I had a notification on Facebook Messenger on one of my accounts. There was only one message and the profile was hers:

She heard me! Chills wrapped around me, and at that moment the tears flowed freely and, though my heart ached for her, the fact that we communicated was deeply consoling. Rest in Peace, dear friend.

Published in on August 4, 2022


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