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Invitations to The Other Side-Orb Photos (Pt 1) Smokes & Bootsy

Smokes, the Cat with Bootsy the dog Orb — ©Linda Lauren 2001

Some twenty years ago, (1999 - 2006), I used to hold Psychic Evenings at various Hilton Hotels to conduct readings with a group.  These evenings were set up for the purpose of extending my reach so that I could help even more people than my daily schedule allowed.  Everyone in attendance (a maximum of 30) was assured a reading.  The success of these evenings depended largely on the positive participation and the energy of the group.  Whether I addressed a question of a personal nature or received a message from someone who had passed on, the experience was a full and rich one for all involved.

The gatherings were also a great venue for my interest in orb photography.  During the next few blogs, I will be sharing some of those photos from those days. The photographs were taken during several different Psychic Evenings as well as other times, in experiment.  All were  under controls conditions within which I “invited” those who passed on to participate, and was “answered” with a photograph.  At that very same time, I sensed the presence of the other side.  Each time I became intimate with the energy, I would take a photograph.

The first photo in the group in the group is my friend’s cat next to a large fingerprint-like orb.  Meet Smokes.  She belonged to my friend, Susan, and she became part of Sue’s animal family, along with Bootsy a lovable big black dog. Smokes fit right in and she and Bootsy were close.

A week before Christmas 2001, Bootsy lost her battle with age and passed away.  Smokes’ presence became scarce around the house. In subsequent days, she would sprint around the house and hide, trying to come to terms with her loss.  In an effort to help Smokes, we held a little prayer service for Bootsy.

Facing us from her seat on the ottoman by the tv, Smokes stayed in the room during the service.  After some prayers, I called Bootsy’s name and saw Smokes dart out of the room, heading up the stairs to the second floor.  A strong feeling came over me like chills and I grabbed my camera and followed, stopping midway to the top where she sat calmly on the steps.

“You miss Bootsy, don’t you, Sweetie?”  I asked softly as I raised the camera to snap her picture.  I took three shots before she darted down the stairs and disappeared into one of her hiding places in the house.

It was not until I downloaded the images from the cartridge that this photo was discovered.  Smokes really was chasing Bootsy!  It was my first orb photo and also the first time I identified an orb for what it really was, through invitation.

What are are your photo experiences?  While I do realize that many photos are the result of dust, camera straps, humidity, etc, (to be discussed in a later blog) and can easily be discounted, I also know that you can call on spirit and get results.  The idea is to be able to distinguish between spirit and man made camera mistakes.

Also published on Medium on February 7 2024

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