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Pennies and Feathers As Signs

Updated: Jan 16

Photos Taken by Linda Lauren - 1944 Penny and White Feather

We all strive for signs. Whether someone admits to it or not, spiritual signs are the foundation of loving ourselves in tender affirmation through spirit communication. Spiritual signs help us to become more open and accepting of energy we do not normally sense and often do not see. They help us to heal, and if we can confirm a sign as belonging to a loved one that makes our healing that much richer, and possibly quicker. Today, I want to share a story about pennies and feathers.

It is my belief that pennies and feathers are the “lightest” ways messages can come across to us. However, when it comes to pennies, I also look at the date on the penny for further significance.

PENNIES: For instance, after losing my mother a while back, I can recall a message from her that was quite comforting. She was a collector of pennies, and is the person responsible for me checking the dates of the ones I “come across.”

I was in my bedroom cleaning out my bookcase and many of my books have spiritual or psychic titles. I created three piles: Keep, Dump, and Donate. The “keep” pile was on my bed and I remember tossing a book on the bed that was about angels. It joined the other books there and I didn’t think about it until I was ready to restock the shelves again with the books I was keeping. I turned to the pile on the bed and I reached down to the angel book. My hand stopped in mid-rise as I looked down at the cover. The angel book was called: Pennies from Heaven, and in the center of the book, carefully placed, was a penny! I reached down and investigated it under the light.

The date was 1944 and it was the year I was writing about in my novel Sentimental Journey, a book that my late mother had collaborated on with me, that had been newly published. For me, the penny and the angel book were signs from her that she was celebrating with me from the other side!

In the moment of that realization, a warm fluid feeling wrapped itself around me in confirmation, and I felt immediate comfort.

FEATHERS: If finding a feather in an area where there are no birds or ducks or other feathered creatures or things, then I take that as most likely being a sign from the other side. Specifically the sign is letting you know that someone you miss is nearby, right at that moment! There have been many times when I have found a feather right by my car door as I was stepping in or out. For a while, I even began collecting them and found that each feather brought with it a very specific emotional feeling. and I “knew” I was with someone who loved me.

Keep in mind that no “sign” should be considered insignificant. I make a point of taking photos and writing in my journal to memorialize the signs that I get. Hence, I will have a lot to share with you in the coming days, and hope you will share yours with me here.

Published in January 10, 2024

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