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Photo Albums & Time Travel

A photo is a form of time travel. It’s a reminder that you existed, the people you existed with and where. Personal photo books encapsulate who you are now based on who were and how you got to where you are today. It’s a tool that helps you move forward in a way that reflects the accomplishments you’ve made along the way.

Photos used to be placed into an album and those albums were enjoyed by generations who were grateful that family members and friends kept these photos as keepsakes of their history. My mother had a bookcase just for her photo books and she numbered each of them, making sure to annotate the years involved. The family reaped the rewards of those books as they attached memories to the dated events. We kids especially loved them!

Here are some suggestions for making your life a part of your photo history by continuing what others and your ancestors have done before you.

One: Collect your photographs and decide which are keepers.

Two: Assign a file (if on computer) to each choice. If printing out for an album, assign it to a page. Date them and name them, specifically remembering to include the years of the photos.

Three: Delete or discard the photos that you are not going to ever use.

Four: Collate them and put the Books and/or Files in a special place where they can be shared and enjoyed by family and friends.

Instead of relying on your own memory, it’s important that you be able to have something more tangible to use as your resource. Your life is worth the journey. The photos in your albums will tell the stories.


What you’ve done is created something that can be touched and viewed to the delight and joy of so many others.

Published in on September 6, 2022

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