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Rituals for the New Year

I have several rituals that I go through to usher in the New Year. I usually do them on January 1st and I try to be as optimistic in my intentions and my expectations for those intentions.

Some of the things I do:

  1. I light a candle and state an affirmation through concentration on the result I want. For me, personally, that concentration is through prayer and meditation.

  2. I take all my loose change and wash and dry them in the bathroom sink as a way of focusing on financial new beginnings.

  3. I create a collage or vision board of my goals, or of what I would like to happen in the coming year.

Usually, I am filled with excitement and anticipation to do these three simple tasks to help create positive thoughts into action as I move forward. Moving through a pandemic has made me a tad slower to rise to the occasion. I’m still a person who looks at the glass as half full, but that glass has taken a beating in the past couple of years. However, through every chip in the glass, the positive energy is still there and that is what having hope through awareness is all about.

In the fast pace of present times, social media, the internet and the news shape us so tightly that it’s difficult to take a step back and see what you want to achieve and believe for your own life, and in the world you share with others. Technology has given us a lot, but also taken away some of our freedom to dream of a future our way.

That has led me to my doing a vision board this year. I realized something is missing when doing it, and that something is DREAMING. A vision board should be a safe place to have fun with you visualize in your personal dreams. Too many people have gotten too serious with what they “expect” of themselves and the universe in the year ahead. The original thought process behind a “vision” board was to DREAM… to express yourself on a canvas by pasting words and images that inspire you to dream. Ultimately, leading you to a place of creativity that actually manifests what you dream into action.

Many of the vision boards of the recent past, mine included, were missing the dream part of the vision. The fantasy. So, let’s go back to the surreal, and convey on our vision boards the dreams we want to see in our lives and the world. Personally, I have a feeling that by switching up how we do our vision boards will lead us away from the stress of a personal deadline on ourselves which leads to pressure to achieve and compete. Instead, it will move us to creating the action necessary to manifest our bigger real dreams.

Happy Holidays!

Published in on December 13, 2021

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