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Suggestions for a Positive Day

I enjoy a good meal. I’m sure most people do. But sometimes, if I eat too much, I can become uncomfortably full from that over-indulgence. I feel the same way about going on social media these days. I’m being over-fed information as news, around the clock, whether I want it now or not. I can no longer be discerning. I can no longer have a well-balanced means to partake of any news. Instead, I am assaulted on every stream by politics, public outcry, abuse, death, and general comments of rage. That frightens me because, not only did I not choose what I am forced to read, but I’m clearly not ready for it. It doesn’t help that we have the added stress of trying to discern fake news from real news, which is further complicated by a president who often confirms the fake news over the real news.The onslaught of negativity leaves me breathless and the experience of social media has become detrimental to my mood and behavior. It’s gluttony at its glorified best and it can make us sick in body, mind and spirit.

There is no easy fix. We need to whet our appetites with news to at least be informed, but we should do our best from being over-saturated with it. Try these suggestions to help you with what you absorb to your personal plate.

Begin with Meditation — start your day with at least fifteen minutes of slow, deep breaths. This provides restorative breath and allows us to be able to respond to what we are faced with, rather than react to it. Reacting is emotional. Responding affords us reason.

Control Your Computer Use — be very particular about what you choose to read right after you have meditated in the morning. If you have to read email, then read what’s most important. But do try to avoid social media until you’ve had a chance to embrace your day. It will help you avoid any negativity.

Avoid Political Debate — if you are not taking action and only debating in comment, you are not achieving the goal that you might have set out for. You’re won’t change someone’s mind by becoming involved in a heated debate. It’s important to be very clear in your choice of what you discuss so you prevent taxing your emotions.

I’m sure there are other suggestions but I feel these are a great start. It will allow you to be a calmer version of yourself. it will help you be more effective in your speech and what you need to convey, especially in how you feel every day.

I wish you love and I wish you health and good positive energy.

Originally published at on February 9, 2017.

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