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Reading Color & Energy

I have been doing this work for over 50 years. I have seen, heard and experienced a lot and I never cease to learn more every day. When I first started to create an actual business of my life in the world of psychic awareness and paranormal investigation, the people who were already working in the paranormal field always referred to what they were doing as  “reading cards,” “reading through a crystal ball,” or even “reading charts,”  “reading numerology,” among others. The separate abilities of  Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairalience, Clairgustance, and Claircognizance was encapsuled under the one word: Psychic.   And that was very misguided because you can have all or one of these, but one would never assume that Psychic covered them.


For me, I felt all of the labels and list of gifts/abilities did noexpress how I personally receive information about the person seeking my counsel.  I feel that what I do is not as complicated as all that.  In fact, I can recall having the conversation with my mom when I was much younger.  A guiding force in my life, she has always had answers I could count on.


“What do you see when a person sits across the table?  And what purpose do the Tarot cards have in your readings.”


I thought for a moment. “I see colors, and I sense energy as the colors get deeper and more defined.  The cards are both a distraction and a focal point, depending on the person.  But tapping into color and energy is the connection of it all. The colors of the cards and what they project, coupled with the colors of energy I see around the client (aura).”


“There’s your answer.  You read color and energy." She smiled and nodded.


And for that I’m grateful, as it has opened up an intuitively colorful world of information that enhances my psychic readings, as well as my life.

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