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A Letter to Tony Bennett - (1968)

Dear Tony,

I came across this photo of you in Southern California in 1968, when you were about 42! Maybe it will help jog something happy for you. You were very close friends with my late uncle, Sparky (John) Monica to his friends.

That year, my grandmother and my aunt were vacationing in California and visiting my uncle. You had telephoned and asked what everyone was doing. My uncle told you they were making homemade Pasta fagioli for dinner. This delighted you and you asked if they would take some over to you.

You were poolside, as the story goes, and tossed on a red robe to greet them, but not before you snatched the casserole of food out of their hands! The picture was taken after lunch together, and you made their day. After that visit and meeting you, my grandmother used to say: “I left my heart at Tony Bennett’s house.”

God bless, Linda Lauren

Published via on February 5, 2021

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