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A New Approach to Physical Therapy

Linda Lauren with head PT Dr. Glenn Forsyth, and Owner and PT Dr. Alex Brito

Physical therapy is important to healing, and it’s important to preventing further injury as well.

I have gone to my fair share of physical therapy facilities and found most to be very impersonal, clinical and very much not involved in the actual treatment and recovery of a patient. They do an adequate job, but that’s all it is to them: a job.  And at end of the day you are simply the patient they don’t have to remember. As patients, we remember the physical therapist by name, and we are supposed to look forward to what that person is doing for us when we have our appointment.  As we heal, there is a lot of emotion and pain associated with the exercises and methods used for our healing. The mindset is usually one of depression, as pain has a way of dampening our spirits. What truly escalates that healing is morale!  And that is where Springfield PT and Wellness stands apart from the rest. They are fully aware of where your head is at and they do an outstanding job of making you feel better by lifting your morale.

When you walk in your greeted warmly.

You are attended to by professionals who want to embrace you and make you feel at ease. So there’s always a good joke and a good story to relate to make your day brighter.

There’s a board that has a riddle written on it every day so that you can join in the fun of guessing the answer.

They’re bilingual and anybody who walks in is happily able to communicate.

Most of all they make it fun. They’re  lighthearted, yet they are business. They raise the vibration to make you smile and laugh, and you feel part of the family rather than just a patient who stopped in for the appointment. All the while they are moving you through your PT program with positive energy, while the smile is on your face.

Morale is everything because morale provides you with the energy you need to work through the exercises for successful healing.  Doctors Alex and  Glenn raise my morale, and morale can make the difference between a dark day and one of light. Physical therapy should be approached energetically, not just physically. That’s the difference in my experience. And I think that even if I didn’t need physical therapy, I would still go there just for that energetic morale boost alone.

I didn’t plan on this being a recommendation, but in essence, that’s what it is because in all honesty, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

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