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A Medium’s Personal Perspective on Spiritual Signs

Updated: Jan 16

The First Message: Linda Lauren’s mother passed away 10/14/99. The next day, while taking photos, she asked her mom for a sign before snapping it. This Orb appeared on her mother’s family crest that hung above the fireplace.

Every medium will have a different perspective on how we receive information. When I’m doing readings with the other side, I can actually feel like a person is sitting next to me in the room. I can’t see that person, but I know I’m not alone. I sense a vibration — like a humming — throughout the room. The sound level of the hum is a good gauge for how much communication will be coming through. And what ushers in that spirit is first represented by way of a sign — something to indicate who is about to be brought through from the other side.

The signs I get for my clients in a reading are received easier than the ones that involve my own family/friends who have passed on. I am getting better at acknowledging and handling those personal messages, especially the ones from my mom.

I literally can recognize her presence. I “know” when she is around…like now; I feel a tingling around my head as my thoughts drift back in time to when she was alive. But there are other ways, too, like songs and mannerisms. Or the way my hair might turn out for the day, the outfit I choose and, especially, the food I have a hankering. Even the sayings and expressions I use to respond to someone or something. The list goes on. It’s definitely a strange feeling to experience. It took me a while to get used to it.

I have come to realize that by being aware of a lot of little signs, I am able to decode a full message from Mom. I used to become upset and heartbroken at not putting it all together and always felt I was missing out on something, which I was. However, my reaction was usually volatile and ugly because I missed her so much. I would lose focus, and, ultimately, miss out on the personal message awaiting me. Frustrating!

I am in a better place emotionally these days and I am discovering ways that nourish me rather than deprive me of spiritual communication. It feels good. Warm. Yes, I often miss her and am sad for her physical loss. But now I’m being offered (and offering to others) a richer experience, as I pick up more signs by opening myself up to more. That “more” allows me actually formulate a cohesive message!

If you are looking to experience spirit communication, my advice is to be open to the energy around you. Keep a notepad and/or journal available for documenting the signs you experience. Date the entries, give as detailed an account as you can to memorialize it.

Stay focused on the magic and wonder of all possibilities. I realize that is difficult in these times of internet opinion, but I also know it’s a vital part of keeping the trilogy of body, mind and spirit working in collaboration for positive awareness. When they are in sync, there is nothing in the world like it, and signs from the other side will be plentiful.

Published in on January 2, 2024

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