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Another Side of the Other Side - Orbs

Updated: Jan 16

Photo of Linda Lauren During a Psychic Evening of Audience Readings 2003 NJ

I’m submitting the attached photo and ask that you view it as a child would. I want you to see beyond the image and into the wonder and awe of what the hearts of those people experiencing them are seeing. We are so jaded by this photoshopped plastic bubble of fake reality that it is easy to lose site of the innocence of what people emotionally feel so they may heal their spirit. Oprah once said that every person has a story. Well, that goes the same for the spiritual essence they experience personally. Each is a story of its own.

Debunk away because it’s easy to comment disbelief of what other people see. However, when you go beyond the image and into the story of its origin, you begin to see that you are wrong to fault what another sees. The eyes see differently for everyone and just because you think you can explain it, does not mean its not real in how that image aided in the raising the morale or awareness to someone’s soul.

You can’t debunk what one person sees because you are not them. The only expert on your vision you IS you. The only experts on the images in this video are the ones who own the photos and shared their stories. People have a right to see what they wish to see without being bullied or judged via negative comments because an uneducated, unaware person woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided to cast insult with their “knowledge.” The rush to make judgement of another human being’s experience is glaringly obvious.

It’s important to have compassion and respect for what you don’t see. It doesn’t mean it’s not really there. So-called experts go around talking about orbs and shadows and objects they cannot explain as being everything from due to dust to camera straps. And, for sure, many of that is often true. But what I’m referring to is the so called expert making their say as being the final say in something that is called “paranormal” because it reaches beyond what people understand as normal.

In that case, the expert is in the eyes of the beholders.

Published on December 8, 2023

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