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Being The First Call

I received a FaceTime call today from someone who had been consulting with me for several months regarding a real estate purchase. “I have such good news! The deal went through,” he beamed.

“That’s wonderful! Congratulations,” I said, proud of his accomplishment. “How did your business partners take it?”

“I don’t know. You were my First Call!”

I have been helping people via my intuitive abilities through psychic medium readings for over five decades. I’ve helped my friends, clients and strangers discover their chosen vocations, and confirmed cities/states that would be successful places for them to live or attend school. I have looked at maps to find missing people and lost items, adding closure for whole families.

I have brought couples together who were on the verge of a break up for reasons that were not as important as what brought them initially together. I have performed many a wedding as minister in this real life and in the virtual world of Second Life.

I have helped women through the pregnancy process and along the path to motherhood. As a result, there are a few children out there who are named after me. Those kids become like family and I am so grateful and emotional at the thought.

I have steered people to the right schools and colleges, advised them as to where to buy real estate, and even how to build a home on a plot of land, after visiting that potential property! I’ve helped corporations to discover a different way to look at their businesses for a fresh outlook. I have directed CEOs to the right advertising to move forward with for prosperity.

And when my own mother was sick and getting radiation treatments, I would visit the hospital waiting room and while she had her treatments, I taught and led guided meditations to help the anxiety of those people waiting their turn.

I have reasoned people out of suicide many times, leading them to the right professionals to help them. I have eased physical pain through my practice of Reiki hands-on healing.

Lastly, I have helped the people in my world to understand, accept and work with the transition after the loss of a loved one. Delivering those messages are consoling and confirmation for me as well as them, that they are not alone and only a vibration away.

The First Call someone makes regarding an event in his/her life is an honor and a reward to receive. That I have been responsible for even a small part of someone else’s happiness, is a reminder to me that I am doing the work I was meant to do.

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