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Checking In With Your Energy

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

How are you feeling today? So many people are out of sorts, angry, confused, and lonely as they move through the nuances of self-discovery in the new country, (and the world) we now live in. We have to strive to be cognizant of these changes because they have an intense influence on how we work through the challenges and routines of each day. Ultimately, it is what we do now that shapes our personal future, as well as that of our families. I have meditated on this dilemma and given it a great deal of thought and I feel that our biggest challenge is distinguishing what affects us externally so that it does not affect us internally. It is the internal dialog that can make us impulsive, moody, depressed, and insecure. So, it is in our best interests to NOT let this happen. It’s important to recognize it so that we are not controlled and, ultimately, led by this. A major way to do that is through meditation. Here are some suggestions to improve your meditation so that you get the best benefit when working in day to day life:

1 — Make sure you are alone in the room you are going to meditate. It’s okay if there are others in the house at home, as long as they are not in the room with you. It’s important for you to be still with your own energy and not that of others who may unintentionally dump theirs on you. This will help you establish and read into your own energy.

2 — Do not focus on problem-solving, only on relaxing. Breathe slowly and deliberately, exhaling and inhaling to a count of 4. Remember that breathing slowly will keep you balanced in your thoughts and energy. If you find yourself disturbed by anything, then draw your attention back to your breathing and listen to it intently until you calm down.

3 — Use music judiciously. Do not play songs you know that have lyrics you remember. This will only serve to take you back to the time of the song, thus taking you away from the meditation. Try instrumentals as a way to ease yourself into the process.

4 — Finally, please refrain from checking news, social media, tv, or the internet before you meditate as the last thing you focus on before meditating. If you don’t it will be what you can’t help but focus on while IN your meditation.

These are only suggestions but I have found that using them has made my meditations richer in experience and I feel better the more I go within alone to check my energy.

Published in on March 16, 2022

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