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Four Types of Dreams (and How to Interpret Them)

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Dreams are the foundation upon which wishes are granted, and the ones we have at night have the potential to make us happy and healthy. Our dreams are a way for us to process our waking world while we sleep. The things we haven’t dealt with, consciously or subconsciously, often come to light in the dream-state where it feels safer to deal with them.

There are four types of dreams I would like you to consider:

Everyday Dreams

These are dreams that are general in regard to you personally and may be the result of what you were watching on TV or doing the night before. However, they can also be a heads-up and address issues you were struggling with.

Lucid Dreams

These dreams will appear very real as we experience our dream world quite literally, as though we are touching, feeling, or moving through it with all of our senses.

Visitations/Psychic Dreams

The visitation aspect is usually heralded by the appearance of a loved one who has died and they may come with a message for the dreamer. The psychic aspect may be in the form of a premonition or a heads-up on events yet to come.


These dreams are all about our fears due to the stress from negative energy, people, and events in our lives at the time.

Once you discern the type of dream you had, you may want to interpret it for its general meaning. Dream interpretation can help to reveal the information we process so that our dreams afford us the clarity we need to take action in life.

To interpret, ask yourself questions about the action, people, particular colors, and details of the dream. Take into consideration your activity the night before to see if anything influenced the dream. Engage your five senses when recalling details and write down the entire dream as you remember it. I was taught never to rely on memory because dreams are fleeting!

My late mother interpreted dreams for family and friends and I grew up learning her “dictionary” of meanings and symbols. I apply those to my interpretation as I intuit the meaning of the dream as a whole. There are many websites pertaining to dream interpretation that are helpful for you in doing this yourself. Choose the one with the most positive meanings and information for the best results.

Remember to keep a journal to document your dream-time. Even if you do nothing more than write your dreams down, your Dream Journal will reveal and encourage you to see things in a way that will help you balance your days with your nights.

Published in Huffington Post, January 21, 2014

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