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Halloween, 1968 - Joe - Ghost Approval!

When I first wrote this piece, back in 2020, I really only touched upon the sentimentality of my personal family memories of Halloween. I did not explain the very important image happening within the photo that should be documented and explained. As a fourth generation psychic medium, my feelings are pretty strong when it comes to anything relating to the other side.

Meet Scary Joe, the dummy, on our sofa. If you look to the lower right of the picture you will see a yellow moving stream of light that is caught on camera. It is not dust, or light refraction or moisture or a camera strap. It is a moving orb and it is representative of someone present who had passed away. The yellow signified a happy feeling, almost joyful, and the fact that our house was especially haunted, only served to reinforce that. Approval from the resident ghost!

The joy makes sense. When we were kids, my parents liked to dress up for Halloween. It was 1968. My father was a pirate that year and my mother told us she was a housewife, which was simply because she was too tired from being busy in the kitchen to be anything else. This particular year they upped their game by creating Joe.

My parents were really proud of Joe because, despite his face mask, at first quick glance you’d think he was a real person. Posing him realistically, they sat him at the end of the sofa so that when we walked in from school we would see him, and hopefully scream. Instead, we laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe. They were disappointed, and decided to challenge the neighborhood kids, so they put Joe on the front porch where he held a large Halloween bowl and was in charge of the candy. He apparently did a good job as there was rarely any candy missing from the bowl at the end of the night!

The orb or spirit apparently stayed and there was a lot of activity in that house for many years afterward. Much of it I have written in my memoir, Medium Rare

Reminder: examine all your photos for anomalies as they might not be so easily explained away!

Happy Halloween!

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