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Let’s Stay Together

Updated: May 8, 2023

Credit: Al Green/ Youtube/Let's Stay Together

Al Green is singing “Let’s Stay Together” and I’m sure that song means something to a great many people. For me, about 25 years ago, I met the acquaintance of a musician, (piano player and singer) who was originally from Kentucky. His name was Claude. We dated for a while, long-distance, with him visiting here, but as those kinds of relationships go, distance kept us from really enjoying a complete relationship.

One day the phone rang. A real telephone and not a cell phone, and we had extensions for someone to listen in. My mother was visiting and she answered the phone when it rang. It was Claude, from Kentucky. He had spoken to her many times and they chatted a moment, and he asked her to join me on the extension before she passed the telephone to me.

I picked it up and what followed was a complete serenade of Claude singing at his piano at home, Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” I was so moved by his voice and the richness of the piano that I couldn’t stop smiling at his gesture. Someone asked me later if I regretted not being able to record it somehow, and I said it didn’t matter. We were in the moment and part of something very special.

I never forgot that night, and though we didn’t “stay together,” I will always consider him a friend worthy of a fond memory.

Keep my little nostalgic story in mind and create some memories of your own. We tend to forget the beauty of the that 25 years or a 100 years. God bless, Linda

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