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Managing Moons & Mercury

This Halloween we will have a Full Blue Moon, all while we are still in the throes of a Mercury Retrograde, which ends on Election Day. So what does that all mean to the average person? My interpretation is that we are headed towards emotions being that much higher and may even distort. So, responding (which is with reason) will be better than reacting (which is expressing emotion negatively.) There are many schools of thought regarding astrology, astronomy, and planetary considerations. I am purely speaking as a person who intuitively delves in the the energy of people, planets and places around me. Therefore, what I feel in terms of representation may be very different than others.

I can only impart the caution I would consider and what I might tell my friends, family and clients, were they to ask. So caution is the keyword. Think before you act, speak, or make a decision because this is a time when there is so much “noise” from planetary interference.

The Mercury Retrograde will be ending on 11/3/2020 - Election Day, and it’s the perfect time for fresh, new beginnings. I am therefore sharing the insight I received via the blog posted below. It was not written by me, but the astrologer who wrote it shared an important positive insight, and so I am sharing it with you. Thank you to and Sophie St. Thomas for the piece.

Give it a full read, straight to the end and remember the three things she mentions:

Don’t stress, practice self-care, and beware of paranoia.

Let’s all give that some consideration at a time when these three are top-priority.

I wish you blessings and good health,. Keep up the mask-wearing, social distancing and washing those hands. Let’s move forward in good health as we have the opportunity to turn things toward a healthier outcome.

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Linda Lauren
Linda Lauren
Dec 29, 2022
Replying to

Sorry this took so long, but I was not seeing it on the website until now.  I can't help you, but please do check back often because you never know when I might come across. Happy New Year, take care and God bless. 

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