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My Profession: Psychics & Mediums

I was reading an article on line from a professor who was attacking my profession because he said we know how to access information from an ,assessment of a person’s mannerisms, dress and speech. Let me clarify things for those of you with that same or similar response by posing this question:

What do you think a psychic reading is? It is assessing a person in body, mind, and in spirit. That is how the job is done in terms of psychic awareness. A person is in collaboration with those three important parts of our being.

Further, the professor also continues to say that people who are mediums think they’re talking with spirit and with God but that they’re not. Not sure how he can ascertain that when he is not in *MY* head. So, I ask this question as my response to that statement:

What do you think praying is? It is dialogue, communication with the divine, and speaking with spirit. You talk to God in prayer, talk to your love ones in prayer? Do you know who you’re talking to? Besides, this is up to the belief system of each individual person and not for a college professor to judge.

Everyone is a medium to a certain degree. Helping other people with closure is something I wouldn’t give up for the world because it has been a very peaceful way to live. I am doing a service to help others in their lives and I’m hoping to afford them a little bit of light and hope. You are simply paying for my time to do so. I don’t judge them for their belief system as some people feel they can judge me without even knowing me.

So when you put your head on the pillow at night, think about yourself in terms of who you are. Think of how you convey a nonjudgmental attitude and your own daily belief system to others. It means not judging people without knowing them based on a profession you may not understand. Rather than judge, do the following:

1. Research all sides of a profession before making a decision on it. 2. Interview reputable people who do this work and ascertain for yourself what the profession is about. 3. Remember that we all have this ability without exception. It just depends on how dedicated you are to honing it and using it. So the person you judge is also yourself.

The bottom line is about judgment, and most people who judge my profession are doing so with little or no knowledge of it, and/or have been tainted by Hollywood movies and media, social and otherwise, the representation that is way off the mark.

Published in on September 13, 2022

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