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Paranormal Investigating? Read on!

Updated: Feb 1

Ghost image of a man in doorway. Montclair, NJ. Photo by Psychic Medium Linda Lauren 2002

About twenty some odd years ago, I was conducting a paranormal investigation in Montclair, NJ in a very old house in the historic district. The house resembled a castle. One could immediately get a sense of “old” energy within the walls. The moment I crossed the threshold of this house, all my senses were on high alert. My entire body was undergoing a collaboration of all five senses. I was so emotionally moved that I felt the need to take took a photo of what I might be manifesting. The photo revealed the figure of a man in the doorway. By now my body was chilled to the bone. As a medium, I understood how to communicate with him, albeit briefly, before he disappeared. I understood him to be the “previous” owner of the house from the early 1800s. The resulting photo is my personal confirmation of that communication. The important thing to note here is that all my senses were working together in order for that appearance to occur.

I’ve been investigating the paranormal for over fifty years. During that time, I have seen paranormal investigating go through many changes, good and bad. I have also been involved in my fair share of some pretty fascinating investigations personally.

There is always a lot to consider prior to an investigation, but the most important consideration is YOU. You have your own powerful energy via your intuition to unravel your ghostly experiences, and that is a doorway to success. So let’s start there.

My advice to potential investigators is to first tap into the five senses you live with every day. When each of your five senses are heightened and engaged, you will experience that sixth sense that reveals a “knowing” of what you are faced with. That is when the true investigating starts!

Though there are many technical ways, it is a good idea to first hone in on your five senses so that you can embrace the sixth. The sixth goes beyond what you might see as “reasonable” in terms of explanations regarding any phenomena. It offers you a personal belief system that originates with your gut responses to each of your senses.

Broken down, here is a guide.

Vision — concentrate on what you see with deeper vision. Linger a bit on the subject you are watching. Focus on remembering the colors and shapes that you see.

Hearing — Listen with intensity. Tune in and separate the sounds, notes, lyrics, that are external and incorporate the with what you “hear” internally.

Taste — Embark on a voyage of different flavors and experience the hot, the cold, the sweet, etc. Let the different tastes embrace your palate.

Smell — Inhale the various scents and fragrances and be embraced by the aromas. Floral, smoky, etc..

Touch — Feel what your fingers are touching when you reach out to the objects immediately around you. Are they soft? Hard? What shape and how does the shape make you feel?

Meditate — I have added this because without regular meditation as a practice, it is unlikely that you will have an easy, or even accurate time during an investigation. That is how important going within to your Higher Self is.

Using the above suggestions, capture any thoughts, feelings and experiences into a notebook. Create your own personal guidelines of how your five senses work for you in manifesting the sixth sense in any given circumstance. It takes practice, diligence and consistency. It will also form a good foundation for success for any potential investigations you may be involved in.

Your belief system may certainly be different than mine, but that is what makes us unique and diverse. We learn from each other, and there is no right or wrong with these personal experiences. Happy Investigating!

Published January 24, 2024 on Medium

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