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Receiving a Spirit Message by Music

Updated: Feb 1

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When I get signs they are often in the form of songs. I usually get the tune in my head a few times and then the lyrics follow. It’s important that I pay attention to those words because they formulate all (or part) of the message. At the time I “heard” this song in my head, I was walking toward the beach during a summer vacation. The path that lead to the water had a small hedge on either side of it. I found that I kept stopping to turn around because I felt as if I was being followed. The song continued in my head as I walked, and when I stopped again, I felt a presence right behind me. The air moved close around my ear as I “listened” to the song, and for a while, I thought I was hearing the music outside of my head, rather than in my mind. I slowly “turned around” each time that special lyric was sung, but saw no one. However, I felt such an incredible sense of peace as the song came to it’s end that I knew the message was divine and who sent it- my spirit guide.

I want to share it with you. Click on this link for the actual song on YouTube: and read the lyrics along with it as it will drive home that the message is, indeed, from a spiritual guide. The song is powerful. I am grateful for that confirmation. I feel a great warmth and a continued sense of peace as a result.

And now, a message from my Guide:

“Turn Around, Look At Me” (1961 Lyrics by Jerry Capehart)(Version: The Vogues 1968)

There is someone walking behind you,

turn around, look at me.

There is someone watching your footsteps,turn around, look at me.

There is someone who really needs you,here’s my heart in my hand.

Turn around, (turn around,) look at me,(look at me,) understand,understand,

That there’s someone who’ll stand beside you.

Turn around, look at me.And there’s someone who’ll love and guide you.

Turn around, look at me.I’ve waited, but I’ll wait forever for you to come to me.

Look at someone (look at someone) who really loves you,yeah, really loves you.

Turn around, look at me.

So the next time you hear a song in your head, make a note of the lyrics, the day and time you hear them, and memorialize it in your journal. A song is whisper in your ear from the Other Side that may formulate a massage you need at that very moment of recognition.

Keep following me for more in my pending series on signs, orbs, and all things paranormal.

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