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Remembering Your Spirit

It's been a while since I was able to actually sit at any type of keyboard, virtual or otherwise, and write. For the past six months, I was dealing with an eye issue that required surgery. Now that I can see out of both eyes successfully, I. see the importance of gratitude and I am eager to share that with you.

One of the first things I decided to do with my newfound sight, besides saying a prayer of thankfulness, was to refresh my sacred space at home and return to the spiritual routine that grounded me prior to my surgery. I had, without realizing it, slowly moved away from that routine. And it was at a time when I needed it most! My nerves were on edge, I was often depressed and the meditations only exacerbated that. Positive reinforcement was what I needed.

I discovered that the most important aspects in my life had to do with. praying, meditating, journalizing and enjoying a sacred space where I could go to do those things in a special environment created by myself. I found that when we are challenged is when we need to adhere to the strength of that ritual the most. Too often people tend to abandon what they’ve been doing for the spirit, and it results in chaos through emotions that leave them depressed and reactionary.

By the very nature of what they are designed to do, our spiritual rituals keep us grounded and healthy in all aspects: spiritually, mentally, and physically… if we remember to embrace them especially during those more difficult times.

Challenges are a test of faith. We can all handle these tests easier if we rise to the challenges by being faithful to the routines we establish in our spiritual lives.

Here are some suggestions that may help you embrace a more positive vibration by remembering your spirit all the time.

1. Carve out some quiet time for yourself. Go to a secluded area of your home inside or out and relate to your surroundings so that they embrace you like a cozy blanket. Enjoy being with yourself, even if it’s for a short time. Make sure there are no distractions and that others in your household understand. It’s a good habit to have.

2. Light a candle or. perhaps some incense, and. surround yourself with an atmosphere that makes you feel serene and calm. The candle can help ignite the spirit by setting a soft tone so that you can gently respond to your thoughts. This helps you to let go of the negative affects of the challenges you may be facing.

3. Breathe. Just breathe. Whether you are meditating or not, just quietly sitting and slowly breathe. Allow yourself to enjoy the stillness.

When we remember our spirit, we. remember the gender-less part of us that exists in divine perfection.

Embracing a positive spirit is vital to morale and well-being. Once the spirit is centered and grounded, the body and mind soon follow.

I think of it this way: Spirit is our leader and there to positively cheer us on as it guides our path. It’s what keeps us motivated as it sends emotions to the mind. The mind translates those emotions visually and sends them to the body. The body manifests the physical result, good or bad. By remembering your spirit regularly you are better equipped. to avoid negativity and relate more to the positive.

It’s all in the translation.

Via July 27, 2021

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