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Spotlight on The Vibe Spray

What do you know of The Vibe Spray? You probably know that it helps rid a room of negativity through intention, while raising the vibration of that room to positive energy. That is usually enough of an explanation for the label on the product, but this spray is so much more than that. It’s part of the journey I share with the women in my family. They were strong Italian women of special intuition and boy, could they cook the dishes we have come to traditionally love. I think of them often!

As we come upon Mother’s Day, I am reminded, more specifically, of my own mother and the recipes she loved to share. Mom had kept her recipes in a book with plastic sleeves to keep them from getting dirty during cooking. As the generations passed, so the book passed to the women in the family, and it naturally grew in volume over the years. (By the time it reached my mother, it was too big to use in the kitchen so she started to make notecards and placed them in a recipe box she always had on hand.)

One of the recipes that was folded and tucked inside one of the many covers was the formula/recipe for what would, decades later, become The Vibe Spray. The intention was to use it to feel better. That was my mother’s bottom line.

To that end, I have used The Vibe Spray for every purpose:

In my office/business space: to clear anything negative in my environment and lift up spirits and keep the place feeling friendly.

In my home space: to clear away and feel/promote more positive energy. Not to mention it is great for removing unwelcome odors from cooking and/or people.

In my travels: whether that is the transportation I am taking or the hotels/places I will be staying in, it helps me avoid the unpleasantness of the energy strangers may have left behind.

So that is how I utilize my own product and I do so faithfully. I love the top note of rose essential oil, and the grounding of the touch of sandalwood.

Give it a try! Happy Mother's Day to all Moms! ♥️

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