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Stopping Online Negativity Starts with You

Ten years ago, being online was fun. Social media was new and exciting and connected to people. “Visiting” the walls and pages of friends and relatives and communicating by replying to posts, was like passing the time conversing with neighbors on the front porch on a cool evening. It was joyful and informative and paved the way to meeting new people who could become potential friends or to even share your business.

Nowadays, online use has lowered itself to the level of negativity the likes of which I have not personally seen to such an extent before. It’s alarming. An opinion can turn into a rage with little or no provocation. No one minds their own business, and instead bullies others to see their way. And if someone doesn’t like your opinion, they will go out of their way to insult you personally in an attack on who you are and/ or what you do as if that will strengthen the point.

In order to change something, you have to stop a behavior before you start a new one:

Stop commenting on posts! If you like what someone said, click a LIKE and move on. If you don’t, then move on anyway. You are not winning any contest by venting to or with strangers.

Stop giving away your personal power by fighting battles. If you want to champion your side, then post positive things related to your side. Negatively attacking the opposition is time you can never get back!

Stop posting with the request to: “copy and paste this if you really care.” Or, the other one: “I know who on my list will repost this…” Really? How shallow do you think your “friends” are? The way you are asking us becomes bullying based on assumption! That’s not being positive.

Stop allowing others to disparage your profession or your affiliation as to who you are and or what you do. Ignore their negative comments and take the correct action by perhaps reporting their behavior.

Finally, stop getting notifications on every news media outlet and social media platform. It interrupts the quality time you have with yourself and others and robs you of living in the moment. It’s not helpful and it’s overwhelming.

Believe me when I say that I am going to take what I have just written to heart because I want to continually surround myself with positive vibrations. That way, the energy around me will be healing. I hope this helps you, too.

Published August 2, 2022, in

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