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Suddenly I See: My View on Color vs. B&W

Updated: Feb 1

Linda Lauren Psychic Medium - Jan Press Photography

I’m known as a color and energy expert and have been often asked to discuss how color plays a part in our daily lives. What I’ve never discussed is how black and white in a photo might be “read” differently vs. a color photograph, and how our own eyesight might play a part.

As a product of a childhood that began with black and white photography and then transitioned to color, I grew up with a good idea of what color might “feel” like to the emotions, versus black and white. While black and white movies and prints are considered “moody” or “nostalgic” I find that black and white may not depict or embrace those actual emotions. Black & White creates the scene, while color reveals and enhances the emotions.

Though we did not always have the technology for capturing that color, it is a very big part of our world. Color can inspire and heal and I have found it does so in a way that speaks to the spirit and it can be very nourishing. However, it was not until my recent issues with my eyesight that I completely understood the difference. And those issues brought me to an understanding of what color blindness might be like, but in a much more dramatic way.

Paying attention to the color around us is imperative to our well-being so that the feelings we experience border on the good vibes, rather than negative ones. I am presently experiencing what it is like to experience black and white AND color via my own two eyes! I had the misfortune of experience three separate events where I had a vitreous hemorrhage in my left eye. That is where blood forms unseen behind the eye and obstructs vision. I have had three surgeries and several years of drops. Right now I would say I have 100 % good vision in my right eye and only partial in my left. Because of the beating that eye has taken, I realized that I now do not see much color in that eye. It is more black and white with a smattering of blotches of color, depending on what I am looking at.

The other eye, when open, is full on deep color and helps to compensate for the B/W in the other eye. In essence, that is how I am seeing things, color and b/w. My doctors considers it a blessing as the alternative would have been no sight. I am very grateful.

What does one do in a case like that? Especially someone in my line of work, reading people, auras, colors, while communicating with the other side. I’m open to suggestion, however from where I sit, I have decided to take the lesson that I now have the ability to see two different worlds. The question is: what do those two worlds tell me? How do they make me feel?

By looking at the same photo with one eye closed, I can see that color creates boundaries of light, while the black and white, encourages more of a dark side. The feelings of seeing only black and white were not very encouraging and a bit depressing. Telling me a story of stagnation. However, closing my other eye and looking at the same photo in color, the image was uplifting and hopeful. Telling me a story of beginnings.

Some of my character was developed by photos and movies created watching a black and white world, while living in one of color. The “color” was in my personal real life space, and that world opened up to me more as a result.

Today, that perception is lost. Everything is in color, if we choose. And color is everywhere. That is a good thing because we need more enlightenment and color offers us the chance to create a brighter awareness.

For me, personally, my vision is reminiscent of when the house fell on the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. Makes life interesting!

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