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The New Wave of Astrology and Looking at Mercury Retrograde

So, we know we live on a planet and we know that said planet is going thru structural climactic changes, global warming, and catastrophic events due to the abuse of mankind. I was thinking recently: how do we know that something similar isn’t happening to other planets? How do we know what part, if not all, of the Universe is going thru something similar?

What does that mean to astronomy and, by extension, to astrological alignment? I think it changes the complexion of things. I feel that what we have known as the truth of moon cycles, retrogrades and meteor showers are changing rapidly and we need to change along with them in order to navigate the waters of the future.

I am not an astrologer, though I do intuit it. I am a 4th generation psychic medium and I am giving you my assessment of what I am feeling regarding the changing times.

Let’s use Mercury Retrograde as an example. The most recent one started on 9/27 and will last until 10/18. Though that constitutes only a few weeks, to many people, it has felt like years before that planet goes direct again. With Mercury, the fear has always been to not start anything new, don’t make new purchases, don’t sign documents, etc, until the retrograde is over. Mercury, the planet of communication, is controlling a backward trend, is what many people believed and they lived in fear of MERCURY RETROGRADE.

Well, as the Universe changes and astronomers begin to see fluctuations and distortions regarding the solar system, so, too, will the previous challenges we thought each planet came with. So right now I’m feeling a few things that are in line with this new wave of approaching these events of the Universe and I intend to use this new wave to structure a better alternative to the old ways.

  1. Sign that document! If your gut instinct is screaming to sign paperwork that is important to your livelihood, then go for it. The timing is right because you have been on this course and wouldn’t have come to this place in time if you hadn’t been. The old way of holding off till Mercury goes direct will only hinder progress in these new times.

  2. Loosen up your schedule where you can. Try not to take every single action in your life so seriously that it damages working toward positive expectations. A lot of people hold off when they should have taken action.

  3. You need to have a serious talk with someone about your relationship? Well, don’t wait for the retrograde to end. Do it now…strike while the iron is hot, as they say. Waiting may not be advantageous to the situation and might throw a wrench into things.

There are many ways to look at astrological signs and events, and right now it is my belief that the old ways have taken a shift and we need to take that astrological shift with it. Whatever you used to think in terms of Mercury Retrograde, try to do the opposite in these times!

I would love to hear how it works for you!

Published in on 9/29/21

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