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Three Methods to Daily Protect Your Spirit

We go about our days opening our personal energy up to all sorts of interactions and interruptions that can alter or disturb the flow of the day. We can become out of sorts, angry and totally unreasonable…and that’s because we are letting in the kind of energy that does not belong to us. So I have always made a habit of doing three things that I feel help to protect, enlighten and unburden my spirit, and ultimately, my day.

Below is what I personally do to protect myself spiritually. I do these three every morning before I have headed out the door:

1 - White Light Clearing in the Shower - After soaping up your body, while rinsing off, imagine the water is removing negativity and watch as it swirls down the drain. Next, I imagine the flowing spray of water as white, healing light that showers over me and I let that spray down from my head. The light feeling this affords you is well worth the effort!

2 - Shields Up - Imagine you are making a sealed tube of green healing light moving up around you, with mirrors on the outside to reflect back to the universe anything that is negative for you in your day. For me, it’s like sealing in what’s good and helpful to keep out what’s hurtful or harmful.

3 - Centering - this is the act of taking a deep, slow inhalation while clasping your hands in prayer-like position and raising your arms up over your head. Then bring your clasped hands down the front and center of your body, exhaling slowly and sweeping your body. This affords you a way to calm your energy.

These three simple methods will be felt during the course of the day. After about week, sometimes sooner, you may begin to feel stronger and more confident as you will be encouraging the positive by removing the negative that may inadvertently plague you daily.

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