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Tourmaline: A Gem for Uncertain Times

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

We are living in uncertain times that have forced us to reevaluate our lives in terms of almost everything we thought we knew as “normal.” As a result of this previously-avoidable pandemic, we are forced to look at life through a “new normal” and that will take adjustment through unity.  Without unity, we will simple buckle under the pressure as a “people” and will no longer be united to heal our countries….and the very planet we are spinning on.  

The late spiritual teacher, Vernon Howard, in paraphrase said, that what gets your attention, gets you.  In essence that means to focus on what you want in your life so that you are not spinning your wheels trying to manifest from what you don’t want.  It is another way of working with the Law of Attraction which encourages us to focus on what we do want in life, rather than the negatives of what we don’t have or want.  That boils down to gratitude! 

I work with crystals and gemstones on a regular basis in order to set mood guidelines for myself so that I can handle what is ahead in a way that will be more beneficial to myself and those around me. Understanding the spiritual laws, I have made it a point to do two things: focus on what is positive for forward movement, while protecting myself from the negative, via what crystals or gemstones I may carry or wear at this time.

My choice right now is Black Tourmaline, which is a root chakra stone that helps to ground us while surrounding us in protection against negative energy and negative intent.  It can be worn, carried or placed on a table or desk, but having it around you right now is helpful to your emotional self. 

I know that this combination works for me, and during this time it is especially important to beef up the good vibes energy because that is what you want in order to remain uplifted by your environment. It will help to keep you focused with the intention on being positive, which helps with depression and any people or events that may be difficult to handle.

— Published on October 27, 2020 on ThriveGlobal

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