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Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Let’s face it, it’s honestly been a really tough year trying to remain positive, safe, and healthy. With the onset of Valentine’s Day, we are invited to open ourselves up to a special day of love. That love is not just romantic love but it’s love of friends, family, and especially the love of self. It’s so important to offer yourself the personal devotion to embrace self-love. I have a few suggestions that I feel will be beneficial in making you feel special and happy with positive energy from loving yourself.

  • Take the time for a special warm bubble bath. Pamper yourself. Warm, bubbly water makes us feel a sense of joy and comfort. Let yourself float with the positive emotion of love. Maybe put some candles in the bathroom. Make the room as soft and inviting to affection as possible.

  • Watch a really fun movie or listen to music. Put on something that will make you laugh and feel genuine happiness. If rom coms and music make you feel good, go for it, but make sure that whatever you spend your time watching or hearing, that it is something with a tender vibe to make you feel good and personally loved.

  • Meditate. Create an ambiance and meditate on a special intention that calls to you a sense of self-love. Candles, incense, essential oils… are a good addition.

  • Rose quartz is a great crystal to use whether you wear it or hold it or have it in your environment. It produces a soft vibe of self-appreciation and offers uplifting feelings.

  • If you have a desire for anything sweet or chocolatey or even a favorite meal, don’t be afraid to engage in some joy for food and desserts! Make this your special night just for you.

I believe that you have to be open to loving yourself first in order to love someone else. Don’t confuse this with self-gratification because that’s not what I am talking about here. I’m talking about the tenderness of offering yourself a big hug and kiss through actions that make you happy. Take care… God bless and Happy Valentine’s Day!

— Published on February 11, 2021

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