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What My Christmas Tree Means to Me

I’m sitting by the my newly decorated Christmas tree, my eyes drifting over each ornament in mesmerized reverie, already sharp in the knowledge of the special memory held within every one of them. I’m always pleased to share the stories of what’s hanging on my tree. They embrace the history and traditions of those who came before me, those who celebrated with me, and those who will continue the tradition long into the future.

My Christmas tree is very much a spiritual collage of what my parents, grandparents, and family believed in and what they embraced. It allows me to remember them in the tradition, and is one small part of how I join other families in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

And so I thought it a nice idea to share a few of my ornaments with you:

The Red Boot —this was given to me back in 1977 when I was living with my late uncle in California. It is not expensive, and the accompanying ornaments are long gone, but the fact that it came from Frank Sinatra and his daughter, Nancy, makes it very special. This boot was made for walking on my tree!

The Crocheted Mailbox -this was hand crocheted by my ex-fiance’s Grandmother. She was a wonderfully creative woman and this was hanging on the tree as a gift one year with a $50 bill inside.

The Nineteenth Century Lady- a very detailed ornament from my late Mom, in honor of Amanda and Jonathan of Hostage in Time, and my affinity for the time period.

The Musical Note: A token from Liberace during the time I lived in California back in 1977.

I thank you for letting me share some of my Christmas tree with you this year. From our hearth to yours, we wish you wonderful memories this Holiday Season!

Published in December 2014

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