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Why the Energy of Color is Important

We are comprised of energy and information. Science tells us that everything is energy. As energy flows it can be manipulated to respond to certain stimuli. In this case, the mind feels the energy for each color and creates a healing vibration. That vibration raises the spirits and improves your mood to assist in a mindset that promotes wellness.

Each color carries a vibration that can be felt though the body, mind and/or spirit. Colors create awareness and enhance emotion. The color black is seen as good when we talk about being “financially in the black,” but saying it was a “black day” has a negative connotation. The color red is wonderful for hearts and flowers on Valentines Day, but a “red flag” or being “financially in the red,” doesn’t usually bode as good news. It’s important that people realize that they can be personally affected by the colors they surround themselves with.

In order to help the body, it’s important to wellness to raise your spirits, for it is the spirit that strives to embrace positive vibration in order to heal the body and the mind.

The following is a brief outline of what some of the colors mean, but please keep in mind that once the colors are combined, they take on an additional meaning.

White – clarity, purity, goodness; healing in the area of the crown, headaches; release of melatonin

Purple – spirituality, visions, creative thoughts, intuition, stress management; healing around the eyes, and the “third eye” between the eyebrows. Sedative and can act as an antibiotic.

Blue – communication, calm, easy attitude; healing for teeth, mouth, throat, fever, infection, burns.

Green – prosperity, money, general healing; related to the area of the heart and chest.

Yellow – Decision making; intuition center., emotion, creativity; healing for liver, stomach, and nerves.

Orange - Sexual, relationships, movement forward; healing for reproductive organs, cramping, digestion.

Red – Love, passion, movement forward, emotion; healing legs, feet, thyroid and chronic pain

I have personally experienced healing on various levels through the use of color therapy techniques. Many hospitals have services that allow a color therapists to visit patients and work with color visualization techniques for pain management. Progress has been slow, but more healthcare practitioners are incorporating forms of alternative methods into their programs as part of their overall care package.

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